ESO KICHU KORI (EKK) is a non-profit organization. Our focus is on providing higher education to academically brilliant students coming from very low-income families. We are different from other organizations that focus on enhancing literacy and primary education. We exist to advocate a progressive change in our society by creating an opportunity for poor brilliant students to continue their education. We want to help such students to utilize their full potential and prepare for careers that would yield a high level of self-fulfillment and ultimately lead to an overall development of our society.

For the last few years all of us had been caught by reports of meritorious students doing brilliantly in various public examinations but unable to continue further due to their financial deprivation. One would top the list of Medical Entrance Examination with his father running a tea stall; another would score more than 80% marks in Higher Secondary while trying to make ends meet by working in a Bidi manufacturing unit; and the list continues unending. Except for some efforts from a few generous individuals, no sufficient organised initiative had been taken to address this problem. From this void came the thought of building an organization that will cater to such needs of these poor meritorious students. This idea took a concrete shape and EKK was born as a registered society under the West Bengal Societies Act in February 2007.

We plan to accomplish our mission through a couple of project-based scholarship programmes for high school and professional studies. In the process, we will not give any consideration to caste or religion. Scholarships will be based strictly on merit and to economically backward students only.

Our main objective is to facilitate social and economic development of an economically backward community through the creation of an environment for better acceptance of social parameters like education through a potential agent by continuously creating greater scopes for economic development and social restructuring of the community in a sustainable way.

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