An initiative as vast as this one needs support from all of you. Whether you are a member or not, we want your support in our activities. This can be done either by making a donation or working with EKK as a volunteer. Participation of people from all sections of life is absolutely necessary to make activities like EKK a success.

What is “Eso Kichu Kori” or EKK?

“Eso Kichu Kori” (EKK) is an organized effort by a group of like-minded citizens to help out (financially and otherwise) meritorious but extremely poor students of West Bengal so that they can establish themselves in the society with proper dignity. “Eso Kichu Kori” or EKK also refers to the registered society formed by the above-mentioned group to carry out the necessary tasks in a structured and planned manner. EKK and its members firmly believe that a steady change in the dynamics of the society can be achieved by more equality across different economic groups through higher education and the initiatives of EKK have been designed to take care of this.

Is EKK registered?

Yes, EKK has been registered with the Government of West Bengal as per WB Society Registration Act, 1961. Registration number: S/1L/42545 of 2006-2007.

How does EKK function?

An elected Governing Body is responsible for various initiatives and day-to-day activities of EKK. For any assignment, they engage suitable non-executive members from the member list and other volunteers. This committee is selected by all the members on an annual basis.

What is the procedure to become a member of EKK?

Please feel free to drop a mail to or call us at +91 9432363300. You can share your interest to join us from here also.

Is it mandatory to become a member in order to help EKK?

No. It is not mandatory to become a member in case one wants to help EKK. Members of EKK are committed to the cause and they come out with sustainable help (in various forms) for the initiatives we undertake. In case you want help us, work with us for a long time, it will be better if you become a member of EKK.

Who can become a member of EKK?

Any citizen of India can become a member provided he/she gets an invitation to become a member from the Governing Body of EKK.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, any member of EKK needs to pay a small amount as the membership fee. Membership fee is Rs.2000 annually. Lifetime membership fee is Rs.20,000.

What is the procedure making any donation to EKK?

Please send a mail to or with the subject line DONATION. Kindly mention your contact details (phone number, e-mail address) in the note. One of the concerned members will get in touch with you.

How does EKK raise fund?

Donation from the members and well-wishers
Membership Fees
Help from other Indian Organizations (Govt., other non-Govt., Private etc.)
By organising several fund raising programs