Presently, Eso Kichhu Kori is engaged with three projects, namely, Medha, Sopan and Borenyo.

Medha: Objective is to facilitate social and economic development of an economically backward community through creation of an environment for better acceptance of social parameters like education through a potential agent by continuously creating greater scopes for economic development and social restructuring of the community in a sustainable way.

Sopan :This project is aimed at promoting exceptional talents of economically backward communities towards a successful and contributory professional life. Under this project we are supporting one Medical and one Engineering student each year till he/she requires it.

Borenyo:Each year we celebrate EKK’s foundation day by felicitating a person who has a considerable contribution towards academic upliftment of economically challenged students.


A partial list of our beneficiaries under project Medha and Sopan can be found here.