Each year we celebrate EKK’s foundation day by felicitating a person who has a considerable contribution towards academic upliftment of economically challenged students. This token gesture of honour has been named “Borennyo Somman”.

On February 12, 2012, team Eso Kichu Kori honoured Sri Pijush Kanti Ghosh with the “Borennyo Somman” for the year 2012 in a homely function. Through ‘Dr. Priyadarshi Ghosh Memorial Trust’ established in memory of his deceased son, Pijush Babu has been working tirelessly for the expansion of girls’ education and betterment of meritorious students coming from economically challenged backgrounds. Neighbours know him by the name “Asto Khyapa Master”. From rushing a sick neighbour to hospital at midnight to performing in a street-play to collect money for helping a cancer patient, this man has done it. He donates most of his earnings to the needy students of the locality.

On 19th February 2011, Eso Kichu Kori’s team visited Kechuadanga to felicitate Sri Samarendranath Ghosh with “Borennyo Somman” for the year 2011.

On 21st February 2010, Eso Kichu Kori greeted Sri Bhimapada Bhattacharya with the “Borennyo Somman” for the year 2010. He has been working from Radhanagar village of Bankura towards the education of local students for more than three dacades. Shri Bhimapada Bhattacharya sacrificed his own career for the sake of his utmost determination to spread the light of education to every family of Radhanagar and allied area. His devotion for the education and relentless help for the students from economically backward section can be followed as an inspiration for the generations to come.

Eso Kichu Kori celebrated its second foundation day on 15th February 2009 by humbly honouring a pioneer, Sri Baldeo Sharma of Kolkata with “Borennyo Somman” for his lifelong contribution towards the betterment of education amongst economically challenged Hindi speaking children.

Sri Subhash Chandra Kundu is such a person who is more of a saint than any conventional teacher. A teacher with an indomitable passion for education and only education, he himself is an institution. Education is nothing but an arduous practice to him. We could not have found a better recipient for EKK’s first “Borennyo Somman’08”.