Here is a partial list of the students we have supported so far,

Our Stars

Student Details Medha & Sopan


PhotoAcademic YearNameDistrictParents Occupation
2007-2009SAUMITRA HALDAR24 PGS. (S)Father runs family by working as a marginal farmer on harvesting season, in rest of the months in the year, works at a small cloths shop. Mother is a thermocol handicrafts worker.
2007-2009TRIDIB ROYBURDWANFather is a brick klin labourer.
2007-2009BASUDEV GHOSHBURDWANMarginal farmer.
2007-2009BUDDHADEV GHOSHBURDWANMarginal farmer.
2007-2009GAURI SAHABURDWANFather runs family by selling newspapers.
2007-2009RAJU SORENBURDWANFather passed away. Mother runs family as a daily labourer.
2007-2009NANDADULAL DASBANKURAStreet hawker.
2007-2009BISWANATH GUINBANKURAHandloom labourer.
2007-2009SANGEETA KUNDUBANKURAFather Marginal Farmer, mother cooks “mid-day meal” in local school.
2007-2009SUSANTA SANTRABANKURAFather is physically challenged, mother runs family as a daily labourer.
2007-2009AMIYA BALANADIAMarginal Farmer
2007-2009PROSENJIT MONDALNADIAMarginal Farmer
2007-2009TANMAY BHADRANORTH DINAJPURFather has a small grocery shop.
2007-2009SHANKARI HALDERSOUTH DINAJPURFather is a fisherman, mother Bidi labourer
2007-2009BAPI GORAINPURULIAFather runs family by selling milk door to door.
2007-2009BABURAM MAHATOPURULIAFather passed away. Mother sustains family by selling puffed rice “murri”
2007-2009SAMEER PRAMANIKPURULIAFather passed away. Mother sustains family by selling puffed rice “murri”, elder brother runs a small saloon.
2007-2009BAPI DEBNATHJALPAIGURIFather partly paralyzed, mother is a Birri Labourer
2007-2009ABHIJIT PAULHOOGHLYFather is a rickshaw puller
2007-2009SHOVON GHOSH24 PGS. (N)father is a vegetable vendor in the local market.
2007-2009KISHORE KUMAR SARKAR24 PGS. (N)Daily wage earner
2007-2009ASHIT GAYEN24 PGS. (N)Father is a rickshaw puller
2007-2009SUKANTA PAUL24 PGS. (N)Father has a small grocery shop
2007-2009MAMATA BISWAS24 PGS. (N)Father is physically challenged, mother sustains family as a Birri labourer.
2008-2010Aliva Roy24 parganas(N)Father is blind and mentally challenged, mother supports the family by cooking at others’ houses
2008-2010Amit Kr. HensBankuraWeaving
2008-2010Asis DasMedinipur(W)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Biswajit Tarafdar24 parganas(N)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Chanchal PaulBankuraCultivation of land
2008-2010Chiranjit MajumdarBurdwanDaily labourer
2008-2010Jugal GaraiPuruliaGrocery
2008-2010Krishanu Mandal24 Parganas(N)Daily labourer
2008-2010Laki Das24 Parganas(N)Daily labour
2008-2010Lakshmikanta Laha ModokBankuraWorks at a sweets’ shop
2008-2010Lipika Mondal24 Parganas(N)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Madhumita MaityMedinipur(W)Farming
2008-2010Mithun Gayen24 Parganas(N)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Rahit Mandal24 Parganas(N)Works at a grocery store
2008-2010Rajib BiswasNadiaDaily labour
2008-2010Ramkrishna DasBurdwanFather disabled, mother housewife
2008-2010Rinki Dhali24 Parganas(N)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Sabita Biswas24 Parganas(N)marginal farmer
2008-2010Sanjay DasMedinipur(E)Cultivation of land
2008-2010Sanjit DasHooglywasherman
2008-2010Sanjukta Mondal24 Parganas(N)marginal farmer
2008-2010Somnath BanerjeeBankuraDaily wage earner
2008-2010Sourav DuttaBankuramarginal farmer
2008-2010Subhasish DeyBankuramarginal farmer
2008-2010Subha DasNadiaVegetable vendor
2008-2010Subhrakanti Bal24 Parganas(N)Farmer
2008-2010Tumpa Das ModokBankuraFamily sustains on Mother’s widow pension.
2008-2010Uma Sarkar24 Parganas(N)Father homeopathy doctor
2008-2010Soumen PondaMedinipur(E)marginal farmer
2008-2010Prakash KarmakarHowrahFather partly paralyzed, mother and elder sister supports family by working as daily labours
2009-2011Paban DasBankuraFather marginal farmer who has a van rickshaw which Paban uses to earn wages
2009-2011Tarun ChakrabartyBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Ranajit GoswamiBankuraFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Arup GhoshBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Subhashis DeBankuraFather runs a small grocery shop
2009-2011Tufan KalindiBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Saumen BaratBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Sourav RayBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Rekha KumbhakarBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Uday SinghaBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Subhadip ChakrabortyBankuraDaily wage earner
2009-2011Anna DhibarBankuraElder brother is fish-seller
2009-2011Suresh KumbhakarBankuraFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Gourav SinghaHooghlyFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Priyanka PaulHooghlyFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Nayan MajhiBurdwanFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Bimal SarkarBurdwanFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Subha SilNadiaFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Shyamal SilNadiaFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Manotosh GhoshNadiaFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Jamini Kanto MahatoPuruliaFather marginal farmer
2009-2011Mandira Thakur24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Sritanu Biswas24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Gunjan Malakar24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Partha Sil24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Sekhar Ghosh24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Tanay Majumder24 PGNS (N}Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Abhishek Halder24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Shawon Sarkar24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2009-2011Akaluya Sahani24 PGNS (N)Father marginal farmer
2010-2012Subir Biswas24 Pargana (N)Father is a labourer working in Gujarat.
2010-2012Subhadip SauEast MidnapurMother sews cloths to earn livelihood
2010-2012Bidesh BiswasNadiaFather is marginal farmer
2010-2012Satyajit GhoshNadiaFather is a hawker
2010-2012Anup Sarkar24 Pargana (N)Father is a daily labour
2010-2012Saikat AliWest MidnapurMother works as a private beautician to earn livelihood
2010-2012Suman KarmakarBankuraFather is a hawker
2010-2012Falguni GoraiBankuraIs being raised by his local gurdian Kajol’babu who is himself a teacher
2010-2012Krishna Paul24 Pargana (N)Father is marginal farmer
2010-2012Deep PratiharBankuraFather is vegetable seller
2010-2012Abhishek MajhiBankuraFather is a para-teacher
2010-2012Mallika RoyBankuraFather is a tea-stall owner
2010-2012Debashish JanaWest MidnapurFather is marginal farmer
2010-2012Uttam Kumar Sarkar24 Pargana (N)N/A
2010-2012Tanmoy Chakroborty24 Pargana (N)Father is a tea-stall owner
2010-2012Krishna MandolNadiaFather is ”churi” manufacturer
2010-2012Bikram DuttaBankuraFather is a small-scale wheat-flour seller
2010-2012Munmun GhoshHooghlyFather is a small-scale cement supplier
2011-2013Suman DeyBankuraHis father is a weaver.
2011-2013Biswanath BhaduriMidnaporeAfter death of his father last year, his family is sustaining on the pension of his father who used to work in a paper-mill.
2011-2013Suvendu BurmanMidnaporeHis father is a marginal farmer.
2011-2013Pintu GoraiBankuraHis father sells vegetable door to door.
2011-2013Subhadip ChatterjeeBankuraHis father works in a factory as a contractual laborer.
2011-2013Pranab GhoshMidnaporeHis father provides tuition to primary school going students.
2011-2013Kripasindhu KarmakarBankuraHis father runs a tea stall in their village.
2011-2013Sanchita DasBirbhumHer father sells newspaper in a street-side stall.
2011-2013Rakhal DasNorth 24 ParganasHis Father is a daily-laborer and his mother works in other households in their locality.
2011-2013Tarun MaityWest MidnaporeHis father is a marginal farmer.
2011-2013Soumyajit SahaBankuraAfter his father’s death last year, his mother supports the family through odd sewing jobs.
2011-2013Amit PalWest MidnaporeHis parents weave mats to earn livelihood.
2011-2013Prasenjit KonarWest MidnaporeHis father earn the livelihood through a small farm holding and mat weaving.
2011-2013Pradip HazraWest MidnaporeHis parents weave mats to earn their livelihood.
2011-2013Rimpa PakhiraHooghly
2011-2013Mrinmay Kumar Mondal24 parganas(N)
2011-2013Sonali ChakrabortyWest MidnaporeHer father is a priest. He also works as a daily laborer.
2011-2013Naba Kumar PatraWest MidnaporeHis father works as a daily laborer.
2011-2013Sabita MaityWest MidnaporeHer father works as a farm laborer and her mother weaves mats.


PhotoAcademic YearNameDistrictParents Occupation
2007Sibu TuduHooglyMother died in Cancer, Father is suffering from paralysis. Younger brother cultivates a small piece of land owned by the family
2007Subrata BarmanUttar DinajpurSubrata’s father is a mason by profession
2008Biplab BhuinBankuraMarginal farmer
2009Chandan BoseMidnapur(West)Chandan’s father is a teacher in a primary school at Rangamati village
2009Pranab DasMidnapur(East)Pranab’s father and elder brothers are daily wage earners in a mud brick factroy. They also have a small piece of land.
2010Lakshmikanta Laha ModokBankuraFather works in a Sweets shop